10 September 2009

Social networking made uneasy.

Fifteen minutes away from an "entrepreneurship mixer" here on campus, and I've had awhile to consider just how unlikely my presence at such an event would be under any normal, non-bizarre-planetary-alignment circumstances and I've calculated the probability as "of interest largely to Zaphod Beeblebrox's ship propulsion systems", that is to say, zero when rounded to any number of decimal places lower than about a hundred thousand.

Yet, by a bizarre series of events possibly orchestrated by the god of trade Himself (and thus reinforcing my recently-acquired religious convictions), I am treasurer of a campus club, having been named such at the very first meeting I attended (where my intent was to show up for "informational purposes" as a bit of a friendly courtesy to a previous semester's professor then quietly slink away to my usual position among the ninjas in the shadows) and as such having gained responsibilities associated with a campus club officer.

Mind you, I'm not complaining (my Fridays are still free and still dedicated to an equal measure of household tasks and SimCity 4), merely pointing out just how utterly amusing it is to me that I'm sitting in a little corner of campus listening to Strauss and punching up a blog entry while if you'd given me odds three weeks ago as to what I'd be doing on the evening of September 10th, I'd have given you about ninety-eight and a half million raised to a power equal to the US national debt in dollars to one against the very scenario which unfolds before me tonight.

Needless to say, I am still a socially awkward introvert at heart, and tomorrow my Friday soda will taste sweeter and my video game-fueled solitude will be an order of magnitude more delightful. I've earned it.

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