30 September 2009

Happy Found Objects Day!

This recent cold snap on the West Coast has led to one of my favorite times of year (and not just because October's on the horizon and October is my favorite month anyway). For the first time since March, I've hauled my winter coat out of the closet (it was 34 degrees when I left the house at 8:00 this morning!) Reaching into the pocket, I found a pen...and it writes! Since I'm chronically short of writing implements, finding one is a nice pleasant surprise for the morning.

In previous years, I've found stuff like bus tickets with rides left on them, pens, pencils, a Game Boy game, and even a $20 bill. I think that in any seasonal climate there should be a Found Objects Day where we can exchange stuff we found in our pockets with friends (or, if you find money, buy your friends something nice.) It's a great excuse to do something nice for someone, and the world needs more of those. It's not like you missed the found object, right? If you did, you replaced it in the spring. So pay it forward.

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