25 November 2009

I am very obviously insane.

Got an email yesterday from the dean of business (via the Entrepreneurship Club president, her assistant) about a job offer as an auditor in a local casino. $10.50 an hour to start, hours flexible with my school schedule, a great way to pick up a few extra bucks to defray the costs of my education and give me something to do besides take naps in the afternoon. I interview next Wednesday and truth be told I think I have an excellent chance to land the job since it lines up with my major and the guy is looking to hire a college student (plus, I've ample experience in the casino industry, albeit on the wiseguy/pro gambler side of the tables. Point is I know the industry inside and out.)

For those keeping score at home, that means I'll be combining a job with an 18-credit courseload...while still trying to maintain a 3.75 cumulative GPA so I can get a transfer scholarship when I go to UNR next fall---they offer $2500 to students carrying the abovementioned A-minus or better average.

Resumé fodder? Oh yes. Interview-story fodder as well. I've either suddenly, powerfully grown more mature over the last six months...or I'm clinically, certifiably insane. Your call which it is.

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