22 November 2009


I'm in an interesting position as far as my writing goes right now. Namely, my life is going too well to have anything to write about!

People don't necessarily want to hear "another day, nothing much happened, life is good" over and over again. School has reached its denouement and Thursday's post is probably more than anyone reasonably cares about, this isn't a gaming blog so I'm not going to prattle about playing Port Royale 2 all day, and it's not a sports blog so the World Cup isn't going to get much play here.

I do have an interesting Accounting final coming up on December 9th. Interesting to me, that is. Not necessarily to anyone else, unless you really want to know all about my efforts to come to grips with the Statement of Cash Flows...

'Tis said that "no news is good news." In that vein, boy, do I have good news!


  1. Fox, feel free to comment on the World Cup as much as humanly possible. Or perhaps, you can mention the WC playoffs? Henri's apparent momentary assumption he was playing handball? The fact that FIFA is seeding teams in such a way to ensure that the major countries actually get in?

    Just a couple of thoughts... :)

  2. Best of success on your Accounting final, Fox. I worked (staff) in a College of Business for 12 years so I know something of what your life is like with the classes you described in Thursday's post. Sounds like you'll reach your goal!


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