08 July 2009

Big cuts in spending ahead.

Interesting to see what living on one income and a bunch of student loans has done for the house's expectations of what constitutes an acceptable standard of living; right now we're paying almost $900 for a spacious two-bedroom apartment, which is really more than we need, but when our household income was close to fifty grand, we could afford to splurge a little.

Now that the household income's been cut in half by my going back to college (even if after I graduate I'll earn more in one year than I used to earn in three), we're looking at little one-bedroom places that could be best described as "cozy" and rent for as little as $550 (thanks largely to Reno's complete economic collapse---recessions aren't ALL bad...) If we play it right we'll have our monthly fixed expenses (rent, Internet, and power) down as low as $700, which means we can even turn a nice profit while I'm in school, making it easier down the road for me to pay what's looking like it's going to be about thirty grand in student loan debt down. Posting a $100+ profit rather than bleeding off $250 a month from our now-depleted savings will help tremendously.

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