22 July 2009

The Fine Art of Conquering a Month

School starts back up on August 24. I've got my financial aid in order, my classes chosen and registered for, 15 credits just waiting for me to show up and roll, and...not a damn thing else to do for a month but play video games and sleep weird hours. Some things never change. In ten years I've gone from a 22-year-old college student with hardly a care in the world to...a 32-year-old college student with hardly a care in the world. Except now I can't power my life with Mountain Dew and cheap sex, I've got more hair on my chin and less on my head, and I'm in Reno rather than Boston. Also, if my GPA is anything to go by, I'm a better student (4.0 this time around, 3.82 from 1998-2000 at my old school.)

I should also point out that even though I'm relying on student loans and my wife's income to power me through the next three years, I am richer, live in a nicer place, and have a lot more prospects than I did when I lived alone in an absolute slum of an apartment building in a horrible neighborhood with no clue what I wanted to do with myself. If it weren't for the hair loss and the change of scenery, one could be forgiven for thinking I'd hopped in a time machine.

All I can say beyond this is "see you next Wednesday."

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