01 July 2009

Idle time Re-Perspectived

Until August 24 I am effectively like a schoolkid on summer vacation. What's interesting about this is the sense of urgency (seriously) that it gives to what is otherwise an idle pastime, namely sitting around playing video games all day. I've galvanized myself behind actually doing something with my gaming time, which is interesting to say the least. That's not to say I don't have responsibilities (most of them concerned with making sure everything's in order for when I return to school) but rather than just being an out-of-work bum, I'm a gamer with the gods' gift of seven weeks of free time. I'm going to make some interesting use of it. (of course, since I'll have very little on my mind, I'm cutting the blogging back to weekly in the meantime. Tune in Wednesdays for my summertime thoughts.)

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