06 October 2009

The social misadventure continues.

If I find a better means of passing the time between my last class and the evening workshops I've been attending, it will be a red-letter day for me. Sitting in a lonesome hallway, listening to Strauss when there aren't other students around, and just generally killing time because it's too far to go home and come back is a bit too lonesome and woebegone even for me. I've got to find a game or something to play since it's clearly going to be quite a few of these sorts of days in the months to come.

Once again I remain somewhere between baffled and utterly stunned that someone as introverted and generally disinterested in extracurricular human contact as myself (no, not the Letterman kind) somehow finds himself at the second-rank infantry of a group of dedicated schmoozers and extroverts. May Lord Mercury watch over me and keep me from missteps.

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