03 December 2009

Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind.

It's Thursday. I'm in a hallway makin' with the written word. This will be the last time I can say that for another six weeks (at least---depending on if I get the job I've applied for, which will likely have me on a bus after class instead of sitting around like an overgrown teenage slacker!)

Of course, this sort of ending always inspires a bit of reflection, so if I may be indulged, I'll write a bit on Things I've Learned This Semester, but Not In Class:

I've learned that I'm more resourceful and more well-rounded than I ever thought possible. Hitting a home run in an ancient-history class this summer could be seen as a fluke. Hitting another home run in music appreciation could be seen as a coincidence. Hitting the bell on the intellectual strength tester three times? That's a trend.

I've learned that I'm still well able to dig holes for myself...and similarly well able to climb out of them. Failing to take my computer class seriously enough had me worried about my grade, but busting my ass and bringing that grade back from the dead---it's not that I learned all about computers. It's that I learned that adversity brings out the best in me.

I've learned that I picked the right major. This augurs well for future considerations. Supposedly there's a sorting-algorithm class next year that will separate the legitimate CPA candidates from the folks who ought to just go major in marketing. I have been loaded with confidence that I'll be the biggest fish in that particular tank when the time comes.

I've learned that I am more socially adept than I ever previously thought about myself. My capacity in Entrepreneurship Club has developed my networking skills and given me the realization that my charisma is not illusory. Attracting the attention of powerful people in the who's who of the local business community and somehow managing not to totally screw up the contacts is more than I would've expected of myself. The fourth and final of these social misadventures (check the archive for the previous three) is next Thursday, and your humble correspondent will have an angst-filled worry-fest in advance of same.

I've learned that nothing brings out productivity like an intelligent environment. Writing among the study groups and professorial banter of this college hallway has been an incalculable boon and has also brought me the realization that I feed off the energy around me. Sure, it sounds loony New Age in its execution, but feeding off the energy of others is very real and it's ultimately just applied gestalt psychology applied in non-traditional ways. Point of the matter is that I wish I could find a way to bottle this that didn't involve risking a heart attack by moving my writing operations to Starbucks (curse you, caffeine sensitivity!)

And finally, I've learned that all of the above is all well and good, but so help me gods I look forward to my day alone in the house on Friday! Sometimes a guy just has to disconnect his brain and lose himself in a video game.

Finals are next week. Updates during winter break will likely be intermittent.

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