04 December 2009

Burn in hell, Nancy Pelosi.


Go ahead. Click that. But if you're a conservative, a libertarian, or just someone younger than about 45 and thus in line to have your taxes raised to 90% when the bill comes due from China, I'd recommend going and getting lunch first because you're not going to want to eat anything after you read that. (then again, tossing one's cookies is no way to go through life, so...umm...yeah.)

I mean, seriously. TARP money for make-work expand-the-government jobs?! Wasn't the entire promise of the bank bailout last year that it would ward off a Great Depression by keeping the banking system solvent...and oh, by the way, wasn't it just what the doctor ordered as nothing bugs a capitalist more than government regulation and therefore the banks are tripping over themselves to pay it back as quickly as possible, leading to a massive restructuring of the entire financial sector and a move toward "by the grace of the gods, let us NEVER have to do this shit again"?

And you want to use it for a glorified welfare program full of low-paying make-work jobs to make that little number next to the percent sign look prettier?

Look, I'm already voting Republican next year. The Who said it best: "I won't get fooled again", and to be quite honest I'm strongly considering learning to speak German so I can go live over there, where my tax dollars would buy me health care that doesn't suck, the food's better, and people actually value an honest day's work. Better place to raise kids, too...European schools actually teach kids to read, write, and do basic math, which is more than American schools can say for themselves because they're too busy pushing social agendas on the kids, either Christian-extremist in the red states or whatever Commie twaddle they stuff the kids with in blue states.

But seriously. Only San Francisco could consistently send a worthless bag of feces masquerading as a woman like Nancy Pelosi to Congress, and only in America could Stalin with tits become the voice of an entire fucking political party. That's over half of America's political clout right there. Speaking of reasons to move to Germany; plurality in elections! No two-headed dictatorships...Merkel doesn't have the luxury of sycophantic party apparatchiks---she actually has to act the part of building consensus or she'll find herself on the wrong end of a special election. Even Canada understands this, and if there's one thing Americans love, it's belittling Canada (never mind that except for the balls-freezing weather and the lack of good sports other than hockey Canada is in every way superior to the US as a place to live, work, and raise children.)

It's not my vote Nancy Pelosi (or Harry Reid, who actually represents me in the Senate as a fellow Nevadan) is worried about. They both know I'm voting Republican and for all they care I might as well be Glenn Beck---never mind that I voted for Obama last year (even though that was mostly about Sarah Palin, otherwise I'd have voted for McCain). It's the center they have to worry about. It's everybody younger than 45 with even a smidge of foresight.

But man...if ever there were concrete proof that the government should never, EVER be trusted with money, this latest story is it. Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke are, somewhat unsurprisingly since they're Republicans, coming out smelling like roses. Who'd-a thunk?

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