24 December 2009

Do the math. Or maybe don't do the math.

Choosing a self-directed learning path when I am absolutely terrible at self-directed learning paths is proving interesting as I try to wrap my brain around the advanced algebraic and trigonometric concepts required in order to successfully gain the seven points on the assessment test needed to test into calculus.  Either I'm an idiot or I just REALLY don't do well when left to my own devices---or maybe I'm just a little too stressed out and shouldn't be beating myself up over it.

In other news, stresses aside, I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy my time alone, and in the time since the unfortunate demise of my marriage it is as though the clock has been turned back to 2004---otherwise known as "the best gods-damned year of my life".  Sure, I don't have the world on a string like I did back then, but 2010 hasn't even started yet.  Toss me a part-time job and some summer work, let me save aggressively, and maybe throw a not-too-serious girlfriend into the mix to keep the ol' social-interaction meter filled and that's all the makings of age 33 turning into a very good place to be in life.  And did I mention the $2500 scholarship for my grades?  All made possible by a series of bizarre quirks of fate and emotion beyond my control.  Any further questions why I'm religious?  Praise the gods.

Coherence isn't in the cards today---my sleep cycle's buggered like a Catholic altar boy in a room full of priests, so you get the unfiltered version like a Lucky Strike to the lungs.


  1. So it *was* like the Sims after all, with the money appearing magically in the good grades' wake.

    Hope you're having a happy Saturnalia. Or Sol Invictus. Or Solstice, or whatever.

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