17 February 2010

The BS Overflow Disaster and Other Fiction

I swear it was the nachos.

Saturday morning I woke up single.  Stopped by Del Taco in the early afternoon because a day off without nachos is hardly a day off at all.  Somewhere in the dark corners of the Internet I met a girl.  Eleven hours of conversation, an overnight Valentine's date at her place that turned into a Monday morning to remember at mine, and a lot of divine intervention later, I've fallen in love so far so fast that I have to take a minute to stop and look around because the old saying "you just know" applies here.

She read my blog.  Followed my Facebook.  Googled my name and everything.  Knows that between work and school I'm on the hook for 55-60 hours a week.  Even spent 11 hours talking to me.  And not only did she not run away, she actually fell in love with me.

I learned a long time ago not to question a good thing when it happens.  So I think I'm gonna roll with this whole "new love" thing and see where it leads.


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  2. And let this spammer be beheaded and his head put upon a pike as a warning to the others.

  3. Spammer was probably green with envy! Good luck with the romance...


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