20 February 2010

Saturday Realm Collision

I don't rightly recall signing up for manic depression.

This week has been one of those situations where everything either goes exceptionally well or exceptionally poorly, with no middle ground and the good (and bad) subject to change with neither warning nor notice.  Some of my projects have gone perfectly.  Got an A on my first accounting project without even having to deliver a presentation, thanks to the teacher exempting five students for reasons too complicated to go into in the space given here.  Got 10 out of 10 on a pop quiz in sociology (and I mean "pop quiz".  Unannounced, pencils up, books and notes away.  I think three people dropped the class immediately afterward.)  My sci-fi radio show project is going better than I could possibly have imagined and one of our writers is hard at work trying to land us some office space that I won't have to pay for except perhaps in sweat equity (playing roadie to the theater company that owns the space in exchange for the weekly access to it).  And, of course, there are the feminine delights of my girlfriend at the end of the hard work.

On the other hand, my stress level has been through the roof out of pure necessity.  No matter what anyone says, being one's own boss is still "having a job", and it doesn't get any easier calling the shots---if anything, calling one's own shots multiplies the pressure level because instead of complaining about some damn fool corporate executive issuing orders whenever something goes wrong, guess what?  I am the damn fool corporate executive!  I issued the orders!  So when things go totally FUBAR (as they did with one of my other projects, but thankfully---to steal a line from Monty Python---I got better), I have to ask "who's the idiot?" to my mirror.

This was a nice short week.  Thanks to Presidents Day and a fortuitously timed chance meeting in a hallway saving me the trouble of having to schedule a fix-it meeting, my normal 55 hours a week became only 38.  I used to think 38 hours of work in a four-day workweek was a lot.  Now?  I'm grateful to the gods because it was so easy!

But what am I doing writing here?  There's a warm, soft girl about two feet behind me.  'Tis time for me to enjoy my one day off a week.

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