08 February 2010

So ends a weekend fraught with foolishness.

I had two dates with two different women over the weekend.  One went very well.  One went very poorly.  And by the time Sunday night faded into the wee hours of Monday morning, the first woman had sent me a message to the effect of "that was a great date, but you're not someone I want to be involved with."  The long version's a bit thornier, but most of you following this blog heard the story elsewhere.

What are the lessons to be had here?  Well, I think there are three big ones:
1) I'm at least charismatic enough and resourceful enough to find dates, which is the real meat of the battle when one is trying to find a companion.  Plenty of fish in the sea and all that.

2) I'm too dumb to keep my mouth shut when my natural-born storyteller instincts collide with my encountering situations best kept quiet (as in, there's a woman I quite like but she's been privy to other adventures thanks to her own inquisitive nature and ready access to me.  This is probably not newsworthy.  If it becomes so, forgive me in advance for being evasive about it.)

3) And finally, my relentless confidence coupled with a resolute desire to use the lessons of my failures to better myself...well, if nothing else comes of my life, it will be mighty nice to develop a skill set that I've allowed to lay dormant for far too long.

All this would be easier if I were some kind of machine and not a human being with needs and desires.  Sometimes I curse my very humanity.

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  1. Blogger just swallowed my full-on Polonius "to thine own self be true" advice. Probably for the best (no one likes getting stabbed behind the arras).

    Suffice to say, enjoy yourself, enjoy your dates, and find a someone who likes you in all your faceted and adventuresome glory. No easy task, I know -- but the search should be fun, at least.


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