22 March 2010

Assigned Lively

What an interesting day.  I could eat the shifting perspectives with a spoon.

My Mondays and Wednesdays are usually polluted by a hefty dose of cognitive dissonance and boredom in the morning.  I start my day with a white-guilt diversity class, which is then immediately followed up by a US History class heavy on the "yay white people" Manifest Destiny point of view.  It's roughly akin to being a dog and getting kicked and petted in rapid succession.  It makes my brain hurt and bugs me that I'm wasting good money in student loans that need to be paid back on these fluff classes.  Well-rounded is all well and good but not when it's essentially coming out of my salary after graduation.

You may also be aware of a little radio project I'm working on (see previous entry on this blog.)  Working with my writing team, casting voice actors, wrangling bugs and herding cats, it's a combination of the practical application of my business major and the realization of a lifelong love of creative endeavor that, well, those of you who read me regularly know how writing and creating is a true passion that far exceeds even the unbridled joy of noodling out intricacies in the tax code and pursuing the conquest of the CPA exam.  If I could write and produce content for a living I would in a heartbeat.

Well, today the beams crossed.  I had my classes of dull in the morning and had to hightail it across town for the radio project's creative meeting (something I usually reserve for Friday afternoon) right in the middle of the afternoon.  I then made my way back to campus for my math class at 5:30 and by the time my day was all said and done (and with the sun still shining---hooray for spring and Daylight Saving Time!), I could not possibly have been in any better of a mood.

There's hope for this old life yet.  And besides, any day where I check the mail and see my power bill is only $70 coupled with a notice that I'm eligible for at least $5500 in federal grants and aid I won't have to pay back thanks to an expediently-processed divorce making me look like a welfare case?  That's just a really sweet bonus.

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