02 March 2010

Rerun Racket

I notice I haven't had much to report in this space of late.  This has been due to a variety of factors, and in an indulgence of my right to bloviate for its own sake, I'm going to simply recap them here.

First and foremost, all the news that's fit to print is news that's been printed in this space before.  My core humanities prof continues to lean on me to develop my writing toward a career therein and continues to insist that my accounting adventures are a profound waste of my intellect.  My girlfriend continues to be awesome and I fall more deeply in love with her by the day, all the while praising the gods for bringing her to me.  My social-butterfly late blooming continues to, well, bloom lately (tomorrow, if I get a moment to write it, will be Social Misadventures V.  But that's a big if.)  And my academics continue to kick ass (my disappointing 88.5/100 on a math test notwithstanding.  I was shooting for at least 92.)

So my life's in reruns.  Plus I'm staring down the barrel of yet another week where my school and work obligations total out to more than 60 hours (could run to 68!  New record!)  Stay tuned in this space...I might get the requisite five minutes in order to create something for your entertainment!

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