12 March 2010

For My Next Trick, I'll Make My Stress...Disappear!

At long last, spring break is upon me.  Seven weeks into classes, I've learned that my limit has been reached; I've already cut over 12 hours from my schedule every week as I move toward the goal of "degree, radio show, and girlfriend, and to hell with everything else".  I can now say I'm down to only 45-48 hours of work where before it wasn't unusual for me to go over sixty.

I have sadly neglected my writing outside of personal and professional responsibility; I hope to remedy this in the coming week.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Enjoy your spring break, Fox. I hope you can find some time to really relax.

    My spring break isn't until the 22nd and I have to work the whole week. Oh well.


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