18 March 2010

Givin' 'Em the Business II

No sooner do I say I need to do more writing than I spend six days doing exactly that---nowhere near my blog, of course.  Go figure.  Anyway, I've got a good excuse and it's high time I brought everyone up to speed.  Since the last iteration of this ran five weeks ago, the "starting a business" part has come damn near front and center in my life.  My stated primary goal remains to become a CPA by 40, but it seems to me that "radio producer by 33" is one hell of a B story.

Since mid-January, a team of writers and I have been working on creating an old-time radio drama that we're going to put up in podcast form when we launch in May (the week after finals---I'm not so foolish as to attempt something like that during college cram sessions!)  Tomorrow is the voice acting casting call for the show.  Recording is in April once our scripts are finalized.  Holy crap, this thing is actually coming together.  We're going to have six episodes done and recorded by launch day!

As if that weren't enough, although I've focused my efforts on one show, I'm part of a group that is doing some video/new media production and getting a stage troupe started.  I met with the main guy from that group over coffee this afternoon on a beautiful spring day and talked creative writing and the MSR project (Mystery Ship Radio, my company which he is also a part of).  He wants writers for that and may end up hiring on a bookkeeper, which means lo and behold, my accounting major background is in play!

And just because leaving well enough alone isn't really my style, I'm also considering an entirely new writing project once the first show is launched and largely handling itself.  Then again, I'm on spring break.  Once the stress of school comes back full force next week (three, count 'em, THREE major papers due in the next two weeks!) the last thing I'll want to do is develop new content!

Still need to buy that damn day planner.  I don't do well tying that sort of thing to my computer and I don't own an iPhone or anything of the sort (I'm doing all of this on the starvation budget of a college student---you'd think I was 20 again!)

So, umm...yeah.

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  1. Sounds fascinating. Good for you Fox.

    PS: being twenty again: priceless!


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