30 October 2009

All point, no power.

Thankfully the last of the MS Office projects are due in IS101 next week, as I have done an absolutely miserable job on them throughout the course, possibly in the process playing myself right out of a chance at an A in the class (and making myself scramble to even earn an A-minus.) By the gods, there's 40 points of extra credit available (out of 810 total points in the class, a score of 753 is required to get an A, and 40 points can make an A out of a B+). I hope I can do well on the extra credit projects and salvage my shot at a 4.0 for the semester.

Some folks may wonder why I've suddenly shifted from "just happy to be here" to "crazy Lisa Simpson overachiever" and the reason is simple. Besides the obvious "it's in striking distance, might as well go for it" factor, there's another reason. I haven't pulled straight As since 1987, in fourth grade, which also happens to be right after my father died and I threw myself into my schoolwork to try and keep my mind off of losing my dad.

For me to, at 32, reach the very level of success I hit before my life went completely to hell on me in the summer of '87 (combination of no more healthy distractions + mom dating a vile lout of a man)? I can't help but wonder if my old man's looking at me from the afterlife and thinking "You done good, son."

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