26 October 2009

My brain is overloading; it has a chocolate coating.

Sometimes foresight is 20/20. This is usually unintentional.

Way back in April when I registered for fall classes, I took a look at my required classes and the times I'd need to set aside in order to get into all of them. It just so happened that Accounting is my last class on Mondays and Wednesdays and Statistics is my last class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are also the most mind-intensive, difficult classes on my schedule. And by 2:00 every afternoon, my brain is thoroughly fried from trying to internalize all that information; if I had a 2:00 class to worry about I'd probably be operating at half capacity at best. Instead, I blog; what this does to the quality of my writing I leave to the reader to decide.

What's interesting about all of the above is that Accounting and Statistics are the classes I'm also doing the best in gradewise (my 113% average in Nutrition is purely the result of extra credit points; in terms of total points earned relative to total points available, the rank drops to third.) I can wrap up an A in Statistics as early as next week if I totally nail the test down, which is roughly akin to a football team clinching a playoff spot in Week 11 (something that was last done by the 2007 Patriots if I'm not mistaken.) I can do similar in Nutrition (once again, thanks to extra credit points) and come damn close to doing so in Accounting. That leaves Core Humanities (which will depend on my grades on the midterm and on this week's paper) and IS101 (which I'll need either perfect scores or some extra credit to do---this will likely come down to the sort of time point you'd expect from the Minnesota Twins.)

The overall point to this? I can honestly say I haven't a clue. If my gradebook is anything to go by, it would seem that the more taxing on my brain the task is, the better I do at it. The main reason I've got myself in such an awful fix in IS101 is because I mistakenly assumed it would be an idiot simple class, and by the time circumstances proved otherwise I'd put myself behind the eight ball. I was under no such illusion in the math-and-science based classes that are the Rock of Gibraltar to my grade-point average this semester.

Still, it would seem my worst-case scenario will give me a 3.92 grade-point average for this semester and 3.94 overall, so it's not like I'm struggling by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to dismiss this as a nerd whining, I'm not going to tell you any different. After all, it would seem (more news as it breaks---I don't want to jinx anything) that I've attracted some attention from people in higher places by bursting onto the stage with a breakthrough performance.

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