14 October 2009

Midterms? Beaten like a redheaded stepchild.

I've got to take a minute to toot my own horn here. Pardon my arrogance, but I think I've earned it this time.

In Nutrition class, we had a midterm exam on Monday, and the grades came out today. I scored 126 on a scale of 100. Not only did I get all the regular questions right, I also got all the extra-credit points available. Thanks in large part to extra-credit points, my grade is now +34.5 for the semester. That is to say, I could get a 65.5 out of 100 (as in a D grade) on the next test and I'd still have a 100% average---I'm so far out in front that I could get no points at all on the next one and still carry an A in the class! Not that I'm going to do this...I rather like the prospect of being able to clinch an A in the first week of November, which I can do with a similar performance on the next exam.

Other midterms haven't been graded yet, and I'm not out of the woods yet as far as classes I still have some work left to do in (I have to be just about dead on the stick perfect in IS101, for example---if the semester ended today I'd get a B+ thanks to a total, catastrophic screwup on an earlier assignment), but a dean's list (3.5 or better) semester GPA is all but a mortal lock. Three A grades are statistical locks (nutrition, accounting, statistics), an A- is a very likely final result in IS101 (an A if I can find some extra-credit points or get the rest of my grades dead solid perfect on remaining assignments), which gives me 15.7 grade-points on the first 12 credits (15.7/16 overall possible). A 3.5 GPA requires 17.5 grade points out of twenty, which means I need at least a C in Core Humanities. I think I can get that right since I got an A in the prerequisite this past summer. I've even caught the attention of the associate dean of business---I'm starting to make a name for myself around here.

So yeah. I think I've earned the right to pat myself on the back. It might all change tomorrow. But for now? I'm like an NFL team on Monday after a big Sunday win. The players go back to practice on Tuesday, but a day of celebration is well warranted. Same rules apply here. Now then---accounting class starts in an hour, and it'll be right back to work for me.

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