11 October 2009

My head a splode.

I'm going to be dropping out of the Business Plan Competition my school's currently holding. Besides the fact that my business (an accounting firm serving small business owners with reasonably-priced full-service financial advising and accounting) isn't the breakthrough innovation that the competition committee's looking for and thus stands little to no chance of earning me any prizes, there's also the fact that if I have any more weeks like this one where I'm so overextended that I'm going to have to put in 25-30 hours of work just to get everything done (in addition to class time), there's no way I can put my best foot forward, especially when I have other requirements on my time.

This past summer, when I took three classes in five-week sessions, I told anyone who would listen that I was doing it so I'd have no illusions that school would be easy when fall came around. What I didn't count on was that those summer classes would be a cakewalk compared to what I've got in the pipeline this semester! So much for looking like an iron man. If the semester ended today I'd have a 3.8 GPA for fall (and 3.88 overall), but if I heap anything else onto my plate, who knows how things will turn out---probably badly. This is proving to be more challenging (and ultimately more rewarding) than I ever could've envisioned going in.

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