28 January 2010

Clinical brain death made easy.

Some quick takes from the first week of school:

- I may be too old for them, but hot damn, are there ever some beautiful 18/19/20-year-old girls around here!

- My current schedule includes six classes, study groups for a couple of them, homework, trying to launch a radio station online, trying not to get my friends to phone in missing persons reports on me, writing my online stuff and venting for the sake of my sanity, and doing all of the above with a raging constant case of insomnia and the hope, however faint, that I don't die of a heart attack before it's all paying off for me.

- Books were much cheaper this semester.  Knowing people who have taken the classes I'm in and who are willing to let me have their copy of the book is a fine way to cut costs!  Instead of spending a month's rent, I spend...almost a month's rent.

- Did I mention the cute girls?

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