25 January 2010

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Third in a series:

I love Facebook sometimes.  OK, I love Facebook most of the time.  I'll shamelessly admit this.  Not only is it leaps and bounds better than Twitter as a content delivery platform (wait, I can go to 420 characters, post links, and interact with my friends and followers in ways that Twitter just doesn't make possible?  Really?), it also leads to stuff like the events of the last couple months.

To wit: Last semester there was a girl in one of my classes on whom I developed one hell of a crush (yes, even while I was still married, but there's a reason I didn't act on it then.)  Under ordinary circumstances, the semester would've come and gone, I never would've seen her again, and that would be that, another cute girl to be forgotten about in as much time as it took me to catch the eye of another one.

Enter Facebook.  I "friended" her, and through the wonders of Facebook's chat feature (and the comments section on her posts and mine), I come to find out she's single...and lo and behold, enter the unicorn from last week.  Still, I suspect my well-rusted-out "talking to girls" abilities should probably get a coat of polish.

See, while flirting with her, I suggested that spending a day in my life would be something she'd enjoy.  Said she: "I dunno, I might think that was scary."  To which I replied, "Well, it's an adventure you wouldn't soon forget.  Offer's on the table if you want it."

Mind you, at the time I was talking to some other friends live via Skype, and their response to the running commentary I gave of the events as they unfolded was "Oh, that poor girl.  You're going to blow her mind."

You'd think I'd have figured out by now that "an adventure you won't soon forget", coming from me, is high-octane nightmare fuel!  I hope I didn't traumatize the poor girl---she's sweeter than diabetes, cuter than a basket full of kittens...in other words, exactly the kind of girl that, per last week's commentary, I absolutely develop monster crushes on at the drop of a hat---and by "monster crush" I mean some sort of equivalent of those things they put cars in at the junkyard!

Thing is, a day spent following me around as I go about the more interesting parts of my life is...well, it's certainly not something one soon forgets!

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