08 January 2010

The Fox in the Wolf Pack.

For my next trick, I'm getting everything in order so that I may continue my education at the University of Nevada, Reno this fall (why stick around when my ex-wife gave me a Get Out Of Nevada Free card when she divorced me?  Elementary, dear Data---resident tuition is dirt cheap here, while moving would cost a lot of money I don't have.  Plus, all my networking contacts are locally-based, which carries more weight in Reno than it would if I moved back to Boston.  All in good time, friends.  All in good time.  And by that I mean "in 2012 when I've got two bachelor's degrees in accounting and finance and I'm looking for grad-school options in Massachusetts."

Applying for scholarships is part of this---the efforts at cash-grab should be interesting (especially considering my taxable income's going to be squarely in "that guy's poorer than dirt" territory courtesy of a well-timed divorce).  Financial aid of the more traditional (read: expensive) variety will play a role as well, but if I play my cards right I might not go flat broke in the meantime.  Refundable tax credits?  Thank you, Dear Leader---nice to know some of the money going down the rabbit hole is going down MY rabbit hole!  I might net more in tax credits than I ever paid in taxes!  Gods bless America.

I'm also considering UNR's honors program; getting those spiffy Latin honorifics to put on my resumé, especially in two concentrations (three if I can convince UNR's academic advisors to let me take a big pile of economics courses as well, and I challenge anyone to look at my 4.0 business-core GPA after this six-course semester and say "more would be too much for him" about me) in order to take maximum advantage of these coming economic improvements, if not in Nevada (where I don't plan on sticking around) than in New England or the Pacific Northwest or wherever life, love, and adventure take me.  Honors requires two faculty recommendations from TMCC; let's see, there's my statistics teacher, my accounting teacher, the Associate Dean of Business and Entrepreneurship, my marketing teacher, my teachers from core humanities...two, you say?

Of course, not everything's sunshine and lollipops; my last tetanus shot was in 1998, and this state has immunization requirements, one of which is a tetanus shot within the last ten years.  2010 - 1998 = 12.  Crap.  Gotta go to the county health clinic on Monday and get myself stuck with a needle.  I hate needles!  Thankfully I still have my childhood immunization records (and I got immune to chicken pox the old fashioned way, by contracting a severe case of it in 1987) so it'll only be one needle, but still...

So it looks like everything's coming up aces...and what's more, this week's been so productive it's scary!  I've officially lost count of the number of things I've accomplished.  Good to know I've still got the touch.

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