31 January 2010

Just like livin' in paradise.

Another weekend completes its long day's journey into night, and all I can say to that is "one down, fifteen to go, and in the metaphorical football game I'm one W closer to the playoffs."

Sometimes I allow myself the indulgence of just naked unadulterated daydreaming (the daydreaming's naked, not me.  Unless you're cute, available, and don't mind a squinty-eyed introvert.  Then you can rip my clothes off and everything.  Ahem...where was I?  Right.  Fantasyland.  Where there are tons of cute girls wanting my dumb white ass.)

Then again, half the fun of daydreaming is that I get to be rich and influential with my multiple master's degrees and super high-paying jobs and jet-set lifestyle and girl in every town and damn if it ain't my motivation right about now.  The thing that's jumped out at me the most over the past two months since my marriage went kablooey due to my rapidly changing values system and that of my now ex-wife is just how much the life I left behind in 2003 was waiting for me and all I had to do was pick it up and blow the dust off it.  Freedom feels good.

The fun part? No unicorns required (I'm going to beat that trope to and beyond death.)  Just goal-setting, a little dreaming, a lot of hard work, and an indomitable spirit guaranteed to laugh off even the most catastrophic of apparent setbacks.

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