08 June 2009

Bad Day to be an Outfielder and Other Observations

En route across the quad to music class (where the professor generously provided a pop quiz with a maximum possible score of 120 on 100-point scale thanks to two gimme extra-credit questions) I was just about blinded by some brilliant sunlight---the first time Reno's seen full sun in the afternoon in ten days. My main thought (besides "crap, I forgot my hat today") was "this would be a very bad day to be an outfielder trying to catch a fly ball." The sunlight was dazzling...and it's not often I say that in this town.

In other news, my polymath's knowledge of topics about the world, history, and random useless information has garnered me a wholly undeserved reputation as a smart guy here on campus---one classmate even turned during a discussion, pointed at me, and said "Ask Fox, he knows everything." Laughter ensued, followed by me saying "I'm the dumbest guy in this room, I've just got the biggest hard drive." I'm not that smart---no smarter than anyone else, at least. I'm just a guy in his thirties trying his damnedest to make the most of a second chance in life. No time to let my ego think it's hot stuff. That attitude will only get me in trouble down the road when things get more challenging.

Update Monday night: Spoke too soon about the nice weather. It rained cats and dogs for over an hour at around seven. That's eleven days in a row where it's rained for at least part of the day. Also, I hate group activities---more on this tomorrow.

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