23 June 2009

High intensity final week.

One thing I can say about summer classes; the workload gets intense when I have three classes, three final papers, a full-bore final exam, and barely enough time to catch my breath by the time I've done the work and have to get to each of those given classes on time while still finding time for lunch, errands, and popping a couple of Tylenol for the stress headaches. I've greatly enjoyed this summer session, though. I intentionally gave myself a king-size workload precisely because I didn't want to lull myself into thinking that this stuff was going to be easy. Once I'm moving at a 16-week class pace come August, it's going to seem like an absolute cakewalk...although ironically I won't have near as much dedicated working time (as in, right here in this chair at this table plugged into the wall and using the campus Wi-Fi, which is a remarkably effective way to get work done), so it remains to be seen how I'll budget my time in order to maintain the work rate that has during the summer allowed me to keep a 4.0 GPA in what by any reasonable standard should be a Herculean task. I'm sure I'll find a way---I know damn well what will happen to me if I fail. Not only will I be doomed to working an endless series of shit jobs that make me want to jump in a wood chipper chute and turn the thing on, but I'll be under a mountain of unpayable debt besides and completely blow up my future. There have been certain doubts raised as to my abilities, but I've never been the type of person to take naysayers at face (or any other kind of) value. If I can pull off this 4.0 and keep it there, it'll be a great Eff-You to anyone who's ever doubted me (and in turn it'll let me just shut up and get the rest of the work done to the best of my natural-born abilities.)

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