04 June 2009

Sometimes life is easy. I'll knock on wood.

My Music Appreciation teacher called in sick today, so that means I had seven hours to do something that I'd budgeted three hours for, and I finished the three-hour task in about 75 minutes. Suffice to say it's a good thing I've got a game installed on this laptop. If I didn't have a laptop with me for these long stretches of downtime I'm pretty sure I'd go nuts.

Next week won't be this easy, I'm pretty sure; I have one paper due on Tuesday and another two due on Thursday. I've also got my share of a group project to do, so I fully intend to enjoy not only these next two hours before class but also my weekend playing games, spending time with my wife over sushi or pizza (hopefully it doesn't rain), and catching up on sleep. I'm going to need the reduced base stress level once the sun comes up on Monday morning.

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