25 June 2009

Last Dance Gone

It took me about 70 minutes (just long enough to miss the 5:10 bus and ensure another half-hour on campus before going home for the next two months), but I've finished writing my Marketing final. It kicked my ass up and down the field of battle, but thankfully I've accumulated so many points in the previous set of assignments that it may not matter; the worst I can do in that class is an A-minus and that's if I completely and utterly and spectacularly failed the final (and I don't think I did THAT badly---I at least covered the basic requirements). Even then, class participation is an add-factor in grading that can add up to a full letter grade, leaving me confident that the professor will look upon my strong participation in the class as the difference between "minus" and "full A". If I'm right, I think I've done enough for the 4.0. It is in the hands of my professors (all three of whom will be grading my final papers in their respective classes that I turned in today) and the gods. My prayers for my own well-being go up to the relevant deities.

As an aside, I've gained 75 (of 75) points thus far in Core Humanities, meaning I need 18/25 (or at least a C-minus) on my final paper for an A in the class.

I've gained 62 (out of 60, and that's not a typo---I got a couple of points of extra credit on one of the tests) in Music Appreciation, meaning I need at least 31 out of 40 (a C-plus or better) on that final paper for the A.

Marketing's a bit more nebulous because of the weird grading scheme, but assuming that papers not yet graded from last week reflect my existing score on all the other stuff (97.5%), that gives me 1413 out of a possible 1450 with 250 points left at stake (for a total of 1700 possible points.) 93% of 1700 is 1581, meaning I'd need 168 out of the remaining 250, or 67%...at least a D. 150 of that 250 is the paper I just wrote, and I'd be stunned if I didn't get at least 120 of those points (80%). That means that on the takehome exam (which I submit online tomorrow) I need at least 48%...in other words, don't get a gigantic, colossal F on the test and the A is mine for the whole class (again, not counting the up to 170 points the teacher can use as fudge-factor simply for showing up and participating).

So yeah. I feel pretty damn accomplished for the effort I've put in over the last five weeks and truthfully I'm impatiently looking forward to August 24, when fall semester starts and I get to have another go at some subject material. It's hard not to feel like king of the world after such a decisive victory.

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