16 June 2009

So with six games to play...

I have to this point continually amazed myself with my abilities, although I still have yet to see my performance on that Core Humanities paper I turned in last week---since I'll be spending the bulk of tomorrow writing the next paper, I'd like to know what worked and what didn't on the last one so that I can effectively vary up my strategy if necessary. Still, as of this very moment in time I am carrying a 4.0 grade-point average. Let's hope that early lead doesn't look like, say, the New England Patriots' 3-0 lead over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX. Scoring first does not mean winning, but nonetheless I'd like it to be stated somewhere on the record that at some point in my second college attempt I was the very best. It's likely to be what little faint comfort I can get as things get more difficult down the line.

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